St Vincent and the Grenadines was recently elected to the presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a first for a CARICOM nation, and a very big deal according to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Keisal Peters.

Minister Peters during an interview with the Agency for Public Information explained just what makes this a big deal for the nation, due to the high level engagements that SVG will be a part of.

“It is a big deal because we will be engaging with a number of partners; regional partners, international partners, and one of the major ones coming up is our engagement with European Union,” Peters said.

The Foreign Affairs Minister noted that several years have passed since there had been a high level engagement between Latin America & the Caribean and the European Union. She said that this engagement will take place in July, and several issues will be brought to the table.

“This is where we are going to put everything on the table. Issues that affect us, issues that we want to see tackled in terms of our development, the development of our people, sustainable development of our economies, these are major issues and St. Vincent is going to be leading that charge,” Minister Peters said.   

The Foreign Affairs Minister also noted that there are engagements planned, such as those with the African Union, China and India, emphasizing that the CELAC presidency is a very serious undertaking.

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