A 30-year-old woman in Trinidad, who claimed that she had been abducted for three days and kept in a car trunk, has been charged with wasting police time.

Reshma Maharaj has been charged with making a false report and was subsequently granted TT$15,000 bail to re-appear in court later on Wednesday.

The woman, from south Trinidad, was found by police officers on Monday along the M2 Ring Road, telling them she had been kidnapped last Friday.

According to the media reports from Trinidad, the woman claimed she was driving along the M2 Ring Road when a vehicle pulled in front of her and three men came out, grabbed her and forced her into their vehicle. She further told police the men kept her captive in a house and on Monday left her in the trunk of a car.

She said she was gagged with cloth and her hands were bound with tape during the ordeal, but she escaped after kicking out the back seat of the car.

Maharaj, a secretary at a doctor’s office, was arrested when she returned to the San Fernando Police Station on Tuesday and charged with the wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making a false report that she was kidnapped by three men.

She later appeared before a Justice of the Peace but was not asked to plead to the charge. The offence carries a maximum sentence on summary conviction of six months imprisonment and a fine of TT$1,000.



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