Owners/operators of trailers here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are being urged to cease the practice of parking on public roads.

This urging came Corporal 374 King of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force’s Traffic Department during WEFM’s Traffic Talk programme.

Corporal King spoke specifically of the trailers currently parked at the E.T. Joshua tarmac but noted that there are trailer in other parts of SVG that need to be moved.

“I just want advise trailer operators, those parking along the tarmac in Arnos Vales, it is not permitted, I just want to say to those operators because there are some trailers along the tarmac presently, we are appealing to those operators to have those trailers removed immediately from the tarmac, avoid being dealt with—prosecuted.” Corporal King said.

While Corporal King was at the time highlight the trailers at the tarmac he also stated that trailers parked at Campden Park, Richmond Hill, Stoney Ground along the public roads. He reiterated his appeal for them to have the trailers removed as they do not have permission to have them parked in those areas.

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