The 2024 carnival season will be the last to see events held at the top end of ET Joshua tarmac at Arnos Vale.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Information Technology Camillo Gonsalves, speaking on Star FM recently disclosed this as he stated that work on the Acute Referral Hospital at Arnos Vale is set to commence at the end of the Carnival season.

“The Acute Referral Hospital that we are going to be building on the Arnos Vale tarmac, and I want to tell everybody that this is the very last carnival you’re going to have anything on the tarmac, because—well unless you go down to the other end, the seaside end, because up the top, right after carnival, we’ll be starting the hospital project on the tarmac. There’ll be more announcements on that coming up soon ,” he said.

Minister Gonsalves said that an announcement pertaining to the main contractor is expected to be made soon, that contractor will be mobilizing soon. He said that persons can expect to see equipment being put up by the contractor around the July period, and at that time the area will be blocked off.

The finance minister said that he will disclose more information on the project after the groundbreaking ceremony.

“Everything above that bypass road that goes across the tarmac is going to be basically off limits because we’re going to start building the Acute Referral Hospital, look out for it. When we break ground I will come and tell you all about it; I’ll tell you about the helicopter landing area for emergency transportation; I’ll tell you about the 160 parking spaces; I’ll tell you about the beds, I’ll tell you about the number of operating theatres that will be in there, the oxygen delivery system, all of that, we have a lot of information because the design is complete,” the finance minister said.

The acute referral hospital is to be constructed at an estimated cost of US$98 million, with more than 80 million going towards the construction of the hospital and the purchase of necessary equipment.

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