The lights at the Arnos Vale stadium, the venue for local ICC T20 matches, will be primarily powered by generators, with the St. Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC), serving as backup.

CEO of VINLEC, Dr. Vaughn Lewis during a call to WE FM’s Issue At Hand program explained the reason for this, as he updated listeners on Sunday’s nationwide blackout.

Dr. Lewis said that the reason it was set up this way is due to the fact that it would faster to switch from generator supplied energy to Vinlec than the other way around.

“From what I understand, the generators will be the primary power and VINLEC will be the backup power,  and my understanding, the reason that is so, it’s because it’s a faster switch over. So if you have, if you’re being powered from VINLEC and there is an issue on the feeder, it takes the generators a little while to start up; but if you run the system from the generators and the generators have a problem, you can very quickly switch over to VINLEC because we are there and we are waiting.” Dr. Lewis said.

Dr. Lewis during time on the program made it clear that this week’s power outage as well as last week’s outage were in no way connected to the testing of lights at the Arnos Vale stadium.

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