As of January 2019, the Jamaica Government will be introducing specialist science teachers in primary schools under a pilot programme.

This was announced by State Minister for Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green, who said this is being done to address the challenges of teaching the sciences in a way children can readily grasp.

“We are putting in our school system specialist teachers to focus on science…because we believe it needs the specific skills sets to ensure that our children get that (tutoring),” he said.

Green was speaking at the opening of a forum organized by the High Commission of South Africa to Jamaica in collaboration with the National Commission on Science and Technology at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa in Kingston last Friday.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the state minister opined that the inability of many students to fully embrace the sciences is partly because they have a fear of the subject area, as is the case with Mathematics.

This is the reason why, he said, the Education Ministry has revamped the curriculum to place greater focus on these subjects thereby opening up the minds of young people to think critically.



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