The Public Service Union (PSU) has scored the first victory in the case in which it is suing the Public Service Commission (PSC) over what it said is unfair and lack of transparency in promotion within the Public Service.

The union is alleging that the PSC has failed to comply with the regulations that govern the promotion of public service workers and has failed to observe principles of fairness, transparency and objectivity in exercising its functions under the Public Service Regulations.

The union is also claiming that there have been unreasonable delays and inconsistencies in the promotion process and that these delays and inconsistencies are unlawful.

PSU president, Elroy Boucher told a press conference at the union’s headquarters on Tuesday that the union’s lawsuit is accompanied by eight affidavits supporting its claims of unfairness and lack of transparency.

He said the union filed the lawsuit in January 2017.

The PSC, in response, filed an application asking the court to declare that it has no jurisdiction to hear the union claim. That application was heard on May 17.

In a ruling on May 31, the court, however, declared that it has jurisdiction to hear the claim and dismissed the PSC’s application and awarded cost to the union.



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