Vincentians have been advised to know their HIV status.

Local HIV/AIDS Activist, Mr. Sydney Joseph, commonly known as “Pumpkin”, in a recent interview with WEFM News said that too many Vincentians are still unaware of their HIV status.

He stated that despite a major reduction in the number of people dying from AIDS, there were still too many people becoming newly infected.

Mr. Joseph said that once a person is sexually active and is engaging in unprotected sex, it is important that they get tested for HIV and to know whether they have contracted any other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Mr. Joseph said the window period, which is the time between potential exposure to HIV infection and the point when the test will give an accurate result, is three months.

June 27 is observed as National HIV Testing Day. This year’s theme is “Test Your Way. Do It Today.”



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