A number of Prison officers are currently in Police custody – in connection with the escape of accused murderer, Veron Primus.

Word of this came from head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Acting Superintendent of Police (ASP) Hezran Ballentyne.

Ballentyne told We FM News that the wardens in custody are being questioned and if either of the officers is found to have been involved in the escape of Mr. Primus, there will be a heavy price to pay.

I Witness News said in a report, that on Tuesday afternoon, Commissioner of Police Colin John declined to comment on how Primus escaped or the time frame in which it took place, saying it is the subject of an investigation.

The Commissioner said Primus was discovered missing Tuesday morning and on receiving that information, police put certain things in place and warned key witnesses in the cases against Primus.

The police chief said that authorities launched a manhunt for Primus and put in place other measures that he declined to disclose, saying he did not want to disclose certain information about police operations.

Veron Primus, 32, of Vermont, who is awaiting trial in connection with the November 2015 murder of 33-year-old real estate agent Sharlene Greaves, escaped custody at Her Majesty’s Prison, in Kingstown, overnight Monday.

Ballentyne told WE FM News that Primus is expected to make a court appearance sometime yesterday.



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