A Motion on Transportation of School Children was passed in Parliament on Friday September 1st 2017.

The Motion which was moved by Senator Carlos James and seconded by Senator Deborah Charles, aim among other things to ensure that a reliable and more efficient transport system is provided for school children in this country.

In presenting the Motion, Senator James said that as a result of the education revolution more children are accessing secondary and post secondary education and as such more children are now on the roads.

Senator James said is it important that the advancements in education be supplemented by providing students with an efficient transport system, since often times many students are seen on the roads in capital city Kingstown at late hours waiting on transportation to get home.

He explained that while the government has done much in providing significant resources towards transporting students across this country either through travel allowances to students or by contracting private operators to transport school children, more needed to be done.

The Opposition was absent from Friday’s meeting of Parliament.



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