The National Omni Bus Association (NOBA) is calling on mini bus drivers and conductors to charge passengers the correct fares.

President of NOBA, Mr. Anthony Bacchus, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday April 18th 2017 at Haddon Hotel said that many conductors and drivers have not been charging the correct fares particularly to persons travelling from Kingstown to Arnos Vale.

Mr. Bacchus said that since 2011, the gazetted mini bus fare from Kingstown to Arnos Vale is $2; however, conductors and drivers have been charging $1.50.

Mr. Bacchus said some drivers and mini bus operators had approached NOBA requesting an increase in minibus fares, but this was turned down since the correct fares are not currently being charged.

The President of NOBA is also appealing to the travelling public to pay the correct mini bus fares.

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