There will no Mas Band competitions for VincyMas 2022, according to Show Coordinator at the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Anthony Dennie.

Although there will be no King of the Band, Queen of the Band and Band of the Year competitions this year, Mr. Dennie assured the public that they can still look forward to impressive presentations.

“There’s going to be a sections of the bands but there’s not going to be a competition it’s simply just going to be a showcase” he said.

Dennie said that following multiple meetings between the Carnval Bands Incorporated (CBI) and the CDC, it was indicated by the CBI that they were not ready to put out full presentations.

“So that being the case, there’s not going to a King and Queen of the Bands competition, there’s not going to be a Band of the Year competition” Dennie said.

He however assured the public that there will be good presentations that they can look forward to, as he has received assurances from the Mas Bands that they putting in the work necessary to guarantee that.

“I can assure persons that there’ll be good presentations for Junior Carnival, for the sections of the band, and of course on Tuesday which is Mardi Gras. The Mas Bands, they’ve assured us that they working, quite naturally hard, to ensure that they have their portrayals and their costumes all ready for that day and we just want to urge persons to reach out to all Mas Bands and of course let’s hit the streets for VincyMas 2022” he said.  

VincyMas 2022 will take place from this Friday June 24th, to Tuesday July 5th.

CDC Show Coordinator Anthony Dennie on No Mas Band Competition.
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