A new team has been piloted by the World Pediatric Project (“WPP”) namely its first Pediatric Pulmonology clinic.

The new diagnostic team specializes in identifying and treating children with chronic lung and respiratory conditions and concerns. Some of these include conditions such as chronic asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

The team held clinic for three days from March 10th – 12th at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, seeing a total of 103 children, one being born just a few days prior to clinic. This two-man team was made up of Dr. Michael Schecter, who was the lead physician, and Sasha Gay-Overstreet, the Registered Nurse. They were assisted throughout the clinic by local Pediatric Physician, Dr. Joy Walters and Pediatric General Surgeon, Dr. Jasmine Davy-Ellis.

Of the children that were seen, a few of them were regional families who came to St. Vincent to be evaluated. Four were from St. Lucia, and one from Barbados.

According to the WPP, the team was excited to come to St. Vincent for the first time to evaluate the children and believed that the trip was worthwhile.

Not only did they assess the children, but they also shared valuable information with the parents and guardians that they can exercise within their daily routines.

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