The New Democratic Party (NDP) says the crime situation in this country must be fought on many fronts.

The NDP held a press conference today where the issue of the increase in crime here was discussed.

In a release issued after the event, the NDP said that the issue of criminal activity and the skyrocketing murder rate is complex and must be tackled on all fronts.

It said the “Government must…be caring and must put in place measures that will convince the people that it is serious about dealing with crime and violence…But we also accept that we all have a role to play and we should not wait until violence touches us personally to demand action.”

The NDP also noted that the police cannot on their own effectively fight crime and lawlessness.

It championed a call for community policing which it said is a way of restoring trust and making the police more effective and would also help to remove partisan politics from the operation of police service.

Given that anti-social behaviour that can later escalate into acts of violence is present in the schools, the NDP said it believes it necessary to start in the schools reinforcing the long-held values that have over the years held our people together as members of one community, assisting each other and looking after the interests of the community.



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