The New Democratic Party (NDP) held its first media conference for 2018 today at the party’s headquarters at Democrat House, where party leader Dr. Godwin Friday commented on two issues namely: the continuing scandal involving Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves and 22-year-old aspiring model, Yugge Farrell, and the IMF 2017 Article Four Consultation Report.

In light of the scandal involving Minister Gonsalves, Dr. Friday noted it has been almost two weeks since the scandal broke, yet, the Finance Minister has not seen it fit to make a public statement about it to try to clear the air!

He mentioned that as a Member of Parliament and Minister of Government, Mr. Gonsalves has a responsibility to explain to the Vincentian people what, if anything, he knows about the claims made by Ms. Yugge Farrell.

In commenting on the IMF report of SVG, Dr. Friday said the first observation is that it reflects a negative situation on the economy of SVG where the Executive Board Assessment summarizes that the “Economic activity was expected to remain relatively flat in 2017 but recover in 2018 owing to enhanced connectivity with key tourism source countries.”

He said flat means growth of 1 percent in 2017 and only 2.1 percent growth projected for 2018.



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