Lotto jackpot winner Clive John considers his win $430,000 winnings payback for his years of support of the games of the National Lotteries Authority.

Mr. John, a retiree, said that he has been a long-time supporter of the NLA, which he said that can be proven by the scores of tickets located throughout his household.

The Biabou resident said that he considers participating in the games of the NLA a worthwhile endeavour, encouraging others to take part.

“You know I’m glad to get $430,000, I’m just getting back some of the money that I spent because you go all over my house you’ll find tickets, tickets, tickets, whether its Super 6, Play 4, 3D and the lottery. Tickets from 1990,1980—so this is just win here is just payback/thanks for me playing this game all the time. The NLA is a worthwhile endeavour and I’m very glad to support it,” Mr. John said. 

The winning ticket was purchased at 2K’s minimart in Biabou. The agent will receive %1.5 commission of the $430,000 jackpot.

General Manager of the National Lotteries Authority Mr. McGregor Sealey in congratulating Mr. John, advised him to spend his winnings wisely, while also encouraging him and others in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to continue support the games of the NLA.

He noted that when persons do so, they are also supporting, sports, education, culture and infrastructural development in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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