Local Soca artiste Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams while expressing love and appreciation for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its people, called on Vincentians to have more pride in their nation and show it the respect it deserves.

He was the time speaking on the Agency for Public Information’s Marnin’ SVG program.

“The most beautiful place on earth, I must say, you know what I mean? We have some things that we must fix. But if we start to respect our country then others will definitely see why we are Vincentian.” Skarpyon said.

He goes on to target the issues of littering and public urination during the interview.

“The littering, we need to stop throwing stuff out of windows, you know what I mean? Them things does plague me. We need to show Vincy pride and respect your country. Don’t just go to heritage square and if you want to do your business you just do it right there. Find a proper place, an appropriate place, which is a washroom,” he said.

The soca monarch winner reiterated his call for his fellow Vincentians to have respect for their country.

“We need to respect our country, because again, people love this country and we have foreigners coming from all over,”  

Soca Monarch winner and Big Road singer noted that persons are not just representing their country among themselves but their representation also counts on the wider world stage.

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