The Kingstown Port Modernisation project is on schedule for completion in 2025.

This was confirmed by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in response to a question from the media during a press conference held last week.

He said that during his travels he was engaged in talks with the Chairman of the Port Authority, who said that discussions had begun pertaining to the beginning of the process of sourcing equipment for the new port.

“I’ve been advised by our technical people that we are schedule, we’re on schedule to complete by the middle of 2025. I can tell you that while I was away, I spoke to the chairman of the port, Mr. Russel, and our team at the port, and the relevant officials in the Government, we’ve been discussing the question of the commencement for the process for the sourcing of the equipment to equip the port because we’ll have to have a lead time as to some types of equipment we may need. The initial estimate for the equipment, I’m told, is about US $60 million,” he said.

The EC$600 million Port Modernisation Project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, the British Government and the Export Import Bank of Taiwan.

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