Grenada appears to be on a path to surpassing the quantity of beef and pork imported into the country for 2017 and 2018, because as of September 2019, data from the Central Statistical Office shows the country has already surpassed the quantity imported in 2017.

In 2017, Grenada imported 138,555 kg of beef valued at EC$3,130,318. The following year 260,195 kg was imported, valued at EC$4,047,579. As of September this year, 143,541 kg of beef valued at EC$2,809,463 has been imported.

155,053 kg of pork was imported in 2017, valued at EC$1,713,728; in 2018 the imported quantity was 235,892 kg which was valued at EC$2,209,699. From January to September 2019, 164,216 kg has been imported, valued at EC$1,498,603.

Though a small quantity is imported from Antigua & Barbuda and Trinidad & Tobago, most of the imports are from the US, UK, Canada, and Brazil. Tenderloin or the tenderest part of a loin of beef or pork, as well as sirloin steak, showed a significant increase in terms of kilos.

The Ministry of Agriculture in a recent statement said that it recognises that there is a shortage of livestock in Grenada and is working to resuscitate the livestock sector.



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