Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Works Montgomery Daniel has been hospitalized according to information provided by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during the House of Assembly’s evening session on Thursday.

“I’ve been advised, Madame Speaker, by two of my colleagues—I didn’t have my phone with me so that the Deputy Prime Minister didn’t send a text message that he had sent to other colleagues that he  went to Georgetown Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre and he has been transferred, I don’t know if is transfer is complete as yet, to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, I don’t if there has been any other challenge arising with his leg, I’m hoping that everything is okay,” he said. 

While no exact details pertaining to Minister Daniel’s medical condition were revealed, Prime Minister Gonsalves in the morning session of the House of Assembly in explaining the Transport and Works Minister’s absence had disclosed that he was experiencing an issue with the muscle in his leg.

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