There is a need for calypso to have a presence of the schools of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This is according to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Calypsonians Association (SVGCA).

This is according to President of the association Earl “Cabba” Bennett, who said that this needs to be done in order to ensure the artform is still around for generations to come.

“Calypso needs your help. We want to get Calypso in the schools. We think it’s important, in fact,  we think it’s necessary that we get Calypso in the schools, and every opportunity that we get, we seize the opportunity. I was contacted by the Lauders and Greiggs School, who’s having some hospitality and tourism week, and they’ve asked us to send some Calypsonians, and we gleefully accepted.

So on Thursday, the 23rd, Calypsonians get the opportunity to sing to school children, and every opportunity we get to sing in school, once the school wants us to sing, just reach out to us.” He said.

PRO of the SVGA Robert “Patches” Knights during a press conference held earlier this week, emphasized the significance taking calypso to the schools to ensuring its survives.

“I remember in the earlier days we used to go to the schools and stuff. We’d reach all out Biabou, Stubbs, Richmond Hill, Campden Park, Prep School.

We used to put on these shows during carnival for the children and they enjoyed it tremendously, today, it’s not happening.

We’ve been behind the CDC for several years, asking them to assist us by going through the relevant ministry which is the Ministry of Education, and, you know, in conjunction with the Cultural Department, to take Calypso to the school.

We’re not going to use it to exploit anybody. But we believe that if we want the music to survive, we have to do something, and it’s not happening.” He said

Mr. Knights noted that there are numerous calypsonians that will be willing to perform for the nation’s students to ensure SVG’s culture is maintained.

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