Azaria Commissiong from the No.1 Girl Guides Company based at the Girls’ High School is the overall winner of the Girl Guides Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines inaugural reading competition held last Friday.

The competition was held to mark International Day of Peace on September 21, 2018.

The event also sought to promote International Literacy Day which was recognised on September 8 and Orange Day which will be recognised on September 25 to advocate an end to violence against girls and women.

Ajeah Hope from the No.27 Girl Guides Company placed 2nd and Saniyah Antrobus from the No. 29 Girl Guides Company placed 3rd.

There other participants in last Friday’s competition were Anaelia Williams from the No.3 Girl Guides Company, Kendeisha Cupid from the No.8 Girl Guides Company, Jada Adams from the No.16 Girl Guides Company and A-sha Nicholls from the No.28 Girl Guides Company.

Each participant read two pieces which included a fictional piece entitled Charlotte’s Story which brought awareness to issues of online bullying, the dangers of pornographic material and the importance of smart surfing online.

The participants also read an informational text on International Day of Peace to highlight the observance of the day, its purpose and several initiatives across the globe.

The participants were judged based on fluency, diction, volume and comprehension.



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