Senior Education Officer for Early Childhood Education in the Ministry of Education, Gwenette Cambridge has been honoured by the Education Ministry for the indelible mark she has left on the Early Childhood sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mrs. Cambridge has retired after having given 32 years of service to education here, one third of which was dedicated to early childhood education.

In her remarks at a ceremony on Friday where the Ministry recognized Mrs. Cambridge for her sterling contributions, Ethie Williams, Education Officer for Early Childhood Education said that Mrs. Cambridge made a significant impact on the Early Childhood Education Sector here.

She described Mrs. Cambridge as a woman with a passion for Early Childhood Education.

Ms. Williams noted that Mrs. Cambridge has played an instrumental role in trying to get the local Early Childhood Education standards proclaimed, however, she lamented the fact that those standards have not yet been ratified.

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer, Ms. Beverly Neptune, said Mrs. Cambridge kept up-to-date with new and emerging trends in the early childhood education sector. She encouraged Mrs. Cambridge to continue to be an excellent role model.



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