Bahamas Health Minister Dr Duane Sands says that weeks after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, there are bodies that remain unclaimed in a refrigerated trailer on the island of Abaco.

He said, “In the trailer in Abaco, a significant number of bodies, approximately probably about 50, have not been claimed.

DNA samples have been taken and the expected time from DNA sampling until comparison and conclusion can be as long as six to nine months.

According to Sands, while the remains of a few storm victims have been sent to their families, the Government might use an independent third party to act as an intermediary to enable undocumented migrants — who may be fearful – to identify the remains.

He added that health officials would like to curtail the length of time the bodies are kept in the Abaco trailer.

Concerning a burial site for the unidentified remains of those killed by the hurricane, he said not much progress has been made for the burial site.



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