The St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) says it is working to rectify challenges which have resulted in a number of unplanned outages in some areas.

VINLEC wishes to advise customers that it has been experiencing technical difficulties with some base load generators on its power system. The sudden and unexplained shutdown of these generators have been a source of concern to the Company.

Although these outages are short in nature, VINLEC says it is aware that these interruptions cause much inconvenience to our customers. Its Technical staff has made several interventions and in the process have addressed some of the issues.

VINLEC also wishes to assure customers that the difficulties being experienced is not related to generating capacity to serve the country’s electricity demand, adding that there is sufficient generating capacity to serve the country’s demand for electricity now, and for the upcoming Holiday Season.

The St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited apologizes to all customers for the inconvenience being experienced by these untimely interruptions and expresses its commitment to working with the engine manufacturer to have these technical issues addressed in the shortest possible time.



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