The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association is condemning the recent acts of domestic violence and infringements of the constitutionally protected rights of Vincentian citizens; women and men by what it says is being perpetrated by the younger generation.

In a release issued today, the Association said it denounces the killing of Arianna Taylor-Israel, who died at the hands of her husband and other women that were maimed and verbally and physical abused.

It said Domestic Violence and Violence against women in particular, has long plagued SVG despite legislative efforts and mechanisms to ensure greater protection to the Vulnerable and marginalised within the Vincentian society.

The Association is appealing to persons to refrain from being silent, and take an active role in reporting ANY form of Violence seen so that ABUSE in ALL ITS FORMS can be alleviated.

Two months ago that the Commission on Gender Equity Commission commemorated sixteen (16) days of activism in an effort to educate Vincentians on the issue of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Last Friday as well, members of the Commission travelled to Bequia to conduct a survey on the issue, which is being administered nationally, this time with the Bequia community, with a view to develop pertinent programmes.



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