St. Vincent and the Grenadines is set to launch phase 2 of the Smart Health Care facilities under the Eastern Caribbean Project, as expansion and developmental work continues in the health sector here.

Phase II of The Smart Hospital Project became possible after the implementation of the highly successful pilot initiatives at the Georgetown Hospital here, and the Pogson Hospital in St. Kitts.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment says the second phase of the project has been approved by the Department for International Development (DFID) and will be implemented in the four Windward Islands at a cost of approximately 8 million pounds.

A Smart hospital is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The project is expected to run for the next three years and will see the “smarting” of at least three other medium sized hospital facilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

At a recent meeting led by Simone Baniste, Climate Change and Environment Adviser for DFID Caribbean, and Dr. Dana Van Alphen, PAHO Regional Advisor in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief, with professionals from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Ministry of Transport and Works and the Energy Unit, a National Project Coordination Committee was established to oversee the implementation of the project.



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