Scottish property developer FM Group has launched a major training and skills programme with the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Training Programme aims to upskill local participants from the Caribbean in different sectors such as construction, agriculture and hospitality, by bringing them to Scotland.

The objective is to exchange knowledge, work practices and provide participants with new skills in a variety of environments, which are transferable to different workplaces and will help improve their expertise, both in the Caribbean and in Scotland.

Individual programmes will last for six weeks at a time.

First participant to come across from the Caribbean has been Randolph Hackshaw (39). From St. Vincent and the Grenadines and with over 20 years of experience as a joiner, he currently lives on the Grenadine island of Bequia with his family of four and works as a joiner for FM Group.

In light of his vast experience and recent appointment as maintenance manager for the FM Group luxury resort “The Liming” in Bequia, Hawkshaw has undertaken this programme to not only improve his expertise but also help train his Scottish colleagues.

Additionally, the scheme is being supported by Liming JV investor, K-Group and the intent is to expand this throughout the Caribbean.

Randolph has taken part on large construction sites with a value of c.120 million Eastern Caribbean dollars, involving over 130 flats which has given him experience in steel frame construction, cranes and pre-fabricated construction through supply chain partners

He is currently working in two of FM Group’s flagship projects: the former Scottish Power offices art Cathcart House and the historic Dalnair Castle and Estate, both being refurbished into luxury residential developments.

Through the Caribbean Training Programme, the company aims to establish a closer relationship initially with the community of St Vincent and The Grenadines but reaching out to the Caribbean in general.

Randolph’s experience in Scotland will be used to encourage other local workers to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The company also intends to write to schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines to attract interest in those looking to work in construction, hospitality and agriculture.

The Liming resort includes a five-star hotel, hotel, high-end beach cottages and villas with private beach, restaurant, marina and tennis court.

The resort also offers the possibility to buy real estate, which gives buyers the possibility to rent their property to visitors when unoccupied, translating in a return on their investment.

Graeme Lurring, CFO at FM Group said: We are delighted to be playing a major part in launching this training programme, allowing skills and experiences to be shared between Scotland and the Caribbean. There is already a strong Scottish presence on Bequia and it is great to be strengthening these ties.

“As a company, we very much specialise in luxury developments in often challenging contexts and this programme gives those coming on it a great opportunity to develop their skills. There is also much the workforce here can learn from them.”

Kelly Glass, CEO of K-Group said: “This training programme aims to help improve workers’ skills in a variety of sectors such as construction and agriculture. “The scheme gives individuals like Randolph the opportunity to travel abroad and improve their skillset outside their comfort zone, allowing them to thrive and reach their full professional potential.”

“We hope Randolph has a great time in Scotland and his experience encourages others here in Bequia and further afield to take part in the programme”

FM Group launched The Liming on Bequia in December 2018 with its partner K-Group.

The resort offers a wide variety of luxury 1 & 2 bedroom garden cottages, 4 bedroom detached beach front villas, 4 bedroom ridge villas & 5 to 7 bedroom ridge top villas. The Liming also offers a private beach, a restaurant, a marina and a tennis court.

Bequia is one of the 32 islands that make up St Vincent and Grenadines. Measuring only seven square miles, the island is home to less than 5,000 inhabitants and boasts unspoiled white sand beaches, hidden lagoons and turquoise waters.

The resort encourages visitors to invest in real estate on the island. Interested buyers can take advantage of renting their property to visitors when unoccupied translating in a return on their investment.

FM Group is a property development company which was founded in 1997 by Jonathon Milne. The company started from small beginnings with the refurbishment of a single apartment in Edinburgh.

FM Group has completed some remarkable projects in a variety of locations around the world, including the UK and the Caribbean. This includes delivering thousands of homes and millions of square feet of commercial offices, leisure and retail space.

FM Group is currently delivering high-quality luxury homes in exclusive locations, including castles and other listed buildings, as well as creating new villages, resorts and luxury hotels. It also invests in various business ventures, while remaining committed to agriculture and the renewable energy sector.

K-Group is a Caribbean development and facilitation group.

The group has experience in different sectors within the construction industry, which include civil projects such as airports, roads and bridges, and land telecommunications infrastructure like fibre optics and sub-sea fibre.

As operators, K-Group operates three hotels, two marinas and a boatyard in the Caribbean region.



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