The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force’s Traffic Department is urging mechanics that ply their trade on the nation’s road to desist from doing so.

Sergeant 7 Wendell Corridon during a recent appearance on WEFM’s Cop Chat program warned that this is an offense and those caught in the act can face a charge for doing so, while also providing an example of someone facing this charge.

“The law clearly states that one cannot do any mechanical repairs on our roads, it is an offense on the books and you can be charged for doing any kind of repairs on the road,” he said.

Sergeant Corridon however noted that the traffic department would be understanding in situations where a person has broken down on the road and has to make a repair to have it moved.

“I can understand a vehicle is broken down and in order for it to be moved you have to repair a part,” he said.

The officer provided an example of someone violating this law past and the consequence they faced as a result of that.

“I know some years ago there was a gentleman in the Montrose area where he was doing mechanical trade on the road and he was charged for that offense,”

Sgt. Corridon reiterated that any person found plying their mechanic trade on the roads of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will face a charge for that offense.

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