The Traffic Department within the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is in discussion with owners of trailers, to have vehicles referred to as pilots in this context, lead their tractors when their trailers are being transported.

Speaking on Thursday January 19th 2023 on WEFM’s COP CHAT program, Sergeant 7 Wendell Corridon said the traffic department has noticed that this practice is not nearly as prevalent as it should be.

“We are in discussions with the trailer owners presently, we even reach to the point where we are registering all trailers that are being hauled by tractors,” Corridon said.

He goes on to state that these trailers should be escorted by a pilot (lead vehicle).

“These trailers are supposed to have a pilot to the front of their vehicle to escort the trailer from point A to point B, this is not being done presently,”   

Sergeant Corridon noted that there are times where police cyclists will escort larger trailers. He said that the traffic department is looking into the law as it pertains to trailer owners having their tractor accompanied by a pilot.

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