Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has disclosed that he is in the process of setting up a meeting between LIAT’s major shareholders in order to hear the Prime Minister of Antigua’s case for the creation of LIAT 2020.

“I’m trying to facilitate this meeting; it should have been on Monday, it couldn’t come off because Prime Minister Mottley, it wasn’t convenient for her, she’s trying to find some space.

She said this week is a very busy week, but I spoke to her on Monday and suggested we find an hour or hour and a half, we find some space in order to hear him.”

Gonsalves said that he believes that Prime Minister Browne deserves a hearing in order to present his view on how he thinks LIAT (2020) can emerge from the ashes from LIAT (1974).

Prime Minister Gonsalves did not express great confidence in Browne’s presentation saying that he had not yet seen a plan nor financing for this plan to revive LIAT.

The major shareholder governments earlier this month had decided to liquidate LIAT following hard financial hits brought about by a past hurricane season and the COVID-19 pandemic.



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