Heavy Duty Cranes for use at the Geothermal site in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are currently in the state. The signing of a drilling contract for four wells took place in November 2018.

The cranes would be used for lifting and placing the drilling equipment in place in the vicinity of the wells.

The wells are intended to supply steam for the geothermal power plant SVGCL is constructing. The project aims to deliver a 10Mega Watts geothermal power plant to the country, transforming its energy sector, reducing its dependency on imported diesel, and providing a new sustainable and affordable source of energy based on an indigenous resource.

According News 784, once operational, the plant will supply substantially all of the country’s base load power and bring renewable energy sources to about 73 percent of total power generation, well in excess of SVG’s Energy Action Plan target of 60 percent by 2020.



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