This country’s Government will be moving to put a number of mechanisms in place in light of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In his address at the National Heroes Day Ceremony in Dorsetshire Hill last Saturday Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, stated that 20-25 additional Vincentian nurses will be hired to assist with active surveillance and management of #COVID-19.

In addition Dr. Gonsalves said the Republic of Cuba will support Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ active surveillance and management of #COVID-19 by sending 3 medical doctors and 12 nurses specializing in the management of infectious diseases.

The Prime Minister also noted that the Republic of Cuba will be providing 50 dosages of the drug Interferon, which is a family of naturally-occurring proteins made and secreted by cells of the immune system (for example, white blood cells, natural killer cells, fibroblasts, and epithelial cells).

He also revealed that technical and other support given their success in their local management of #COVID-19  will be offered by the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Locally, a #COVID-19 hotline has been set up to report any signs and symptoms related to #COVID-19 and to facilitate professional guidance and effective responses. The hotline is 784-534-HEAL)4325.



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