This country’s leading Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Jerrol Thompson is warning Vincentians about the dangers of Long COVID, pointing out that 32 percent of asymptomatic cases experience various symptoms later on.

“This concept of Long COVID, where persons have, even being asymptomatic at the time, they were positive. But two months, three months, four months down the road they start to display a host of other symptoms that are frightening.” He said.

Some of the symptoms Dr. Thompson mentioned are: Shortness of breath, brain fog, headache, pain in the fingers or toes, pericarditis and myocarditis.

He also mentioned cases of persons who were diagnosed as pre-diabetic “being thrown into full blown diabetes”.

Dr. Thompson said that a number of persons in SVG are suffering from Long COVID.

“We are seeing that 32 percent of people who are asymptomatic before developing these symptoms and St. Vincent and the Grenadines unfortunately has a number of these patients.”



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