Medical Officer of Health Dr. Roger Duncan, during a press conference yesterday, discussed the precautions that Vincentians should take when utilizing public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know we continue to have the conversation about the number of people in minibuses, but these are some considerations that all of us need to consider; if you’re going to use public transport the you make sure that you wear a mask and minibus operators should insist that every passenger who enters the bus wears a mask and has their hand sanitized.” Dr. Duncan said.

He goes to on to discuss the issue of distancing in vans.

“Distancing continues to be extremely difficult, it is a challenge. We know that people use the minibus to get into work and for going through their basic life activities. SO far as far as you possibly can, you want to try to distance yourself as much as possible, but they key thing is, wear a mask and sanitize your hands and if you really don’t have to take bus that day, don’t take a bus.”



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