Cuba has accepted an offer from CARICOM to join the Community’s Ministerial Task Force on Agriculture. Both sides also agreed to observe October 6 as CARICOM Cuba Day Against Terrorism. 

These were among the major outcomes of the 8th CARICOM-Cuba Summit held in Barbados on Tuesday as the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic ties was celebrated. A Declaration was issued following the meeting which outlined the areas of agreement and co-operation. 

CARICOM’s Special Ministerial Task Force on food production and food security was established to propel the region’s thrust towards reducing its food import bill by 25 per cent by 2025. The participation of Cuba is a boost, particularly to the technological aspects of the initiative.  

Closer collaboration with Cuba in the area of agriculture will include the establishment of a food terminal to provide a consistent supply of food items to Cuba. 

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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