Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer Beache, during a press conference earlier this week, went into detail about the changes made to SVG’s entry protocols, following an increase in local cases.

She began by laying out the adjusted protocols for the travelers arriving from countries categorized as High Risk.

“In terms of the entry protocols, as of yesterday, January 4th, we introduced phase 9 and that protocol requires that persons coming from Barbados, which has now moved to a high risk category, that they must stay ten days in a Tourism Authority/ Ministry of Health approved facility/hotel and they must come with a seventy two hour or younger test, they will be re-checked during day seven to day four and release.”  

The CMO also discusses the changes made to protocols for travelers arriving from countries categorized as Medium Risk.

“We have also changed the management of persons in the medium category. Those persons when they come would no longer be allowed to go home, but rather they must stay in an approved hotel for five days and then they will proceed home and complete any further quarantine deemed necessary.” The CMO said.

Individuals arriving from countries categorized as low risk will be required to present a negative test result, and be tested on arrival. They will remain under observation until cleared.



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