With effect from today March 27, three leading supermarkets in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have agreed to work closely together in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.

The supermarkets are Massy Stores SVG Ltd, C.K Greaves and Co. Ltd and Bonadie’s.

Following extensive discussions on customer and staff safety, the supermarkets have agreed to make further changes to their operations, to ensure that COVID 19 safety practices are implemented, using best practice measures.

A spokesperson for the three retailers said only 30 persons will be allowed in the stores at any given time, and persons will be required to queue up outside while waiting their turn to enter and that persons accessing the checkout will be required to stand 3 feet apart

The release stressed that while waiting outside in line and during check- out, customers will be required to maintain a distance of three feet from each other. This safe distance is critical to managing the spread of the virus.

A spokesperson for the three retailers said over the last few weeks they have increased their cleaning rotations and have enhanced many of their sanitation practices to ensure a safer environment for staff and customers alike.

The supermarkets say they recognize that these new social distancing measures will be challenging and thanked their customers in advance for their patience with the process, which is for their own well-being.

The supermarkets also say they remain grateful to their staff for their commitment to providing high levels of service, even at this critical time and under very trying circumstances spurred by panic buying.  They urged the public and customers to heed all warnings and advisories from the Health Officials, as they work together in the fight against this virus.



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