Approximately 2,300 people will be employed at hotels in St.Vincent in the next two years. This is according this country’s Minister of Finance Hon. Camillo Gonsalves, who made the statement while speaking on radio.

“Holiday Inn Express is going to be 60-75 jobs, the Marriott resort is going to hire 500 people, the Beaches is going to hire 700 or 800 people, The Royal Mill is going to hire 300 to 350 people, The View is going to hire 35 people, Myers Luxury Suites is going to hire 25 people, Black Sands is going to hire 600 people.

 2,300 to 2,400 people are going to be working at hotels in St. Vincent within the next couple years, that’s not even counting the people who have to be employed to build all of these hotels” Gonsalves said.

The finance minister also made mention of the numerous employment opportunities that will arise from construction of the above mentioned hotels and that they were not included in 2,300-2,400 figure.



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