Education officials here have been ordered to admit to the Girls High School (GHS), 44 extra girls who were un fairly denied places there.

This directive to the chief education officer Lou Anne Gilchrist came by way of a letter from Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves dated august 17 2015.

Girls ranking up to 118 of the 2015 of the Caribbean Primary Exist (CPEA) were assigned places at the Girls High School. However 2 students ranked 149th and 159th in the exams were admitted ahead of others who performed better.

Reports are that the principal of the GHS Michelle Beache indicated that the 2 students were not admitted on merit but based on timing and based also their parents or relatives affiliation and contribution to the school.

Beache noted the students are not at fault and that the GHS were clearly at fault. However Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves stated that placed must be found for the displaced students.

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