A Supreme Court judge in Bermuda has ruled that three West Indian officers including a Vincentian can remain in the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), overturning a decision by the Commissioner of Police.

Vincentian Stephen Dennie and Jamaicans Robin Evans and Seymore Foot had all served two fixed contracts of employment in the BPS, working for 10 years without any disciplinary issues.

While the officers each claimed they had a reasonable expectation they would be entitled to permanent and pensionable employment with the BPS after 10 years and had relied on that expectation, they were instead told their contracts would expire without renewal.

The Commissioner of Police had said the decision not to renew their contracts was due to reductions in the BPS budget after being told by government to cut operating costs.

But Justice Stephen Hellman ruled “that while the commissioner was acting in good faith, it was unlawful for him to frustrate the applicants’ substantive legitimate expectation.”

As a result, he ordered that the decision to not extend the applicants’ contract be quashed and that the applicants deserved a declaration that they may continue in their employment with the Bermuda Police Service until they reach the age of mandatory retirement.



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