Dancehall artiste Valiant says he doesn’t need to record any more songs about “obeah” because he has now gone corporate.

Urban Islandz reported in April that Valiant inked his first major corporate Brand Ambassador deal with telecom giant Digicel in a deal brokered by his new management, Romeich Entertainment. The deal is a sign that corporate Jamaica is ready to start working with hardcore dancehall artists again. Besides, the “Dunce Cheque” deejay is one of the hottest young artists on the music scene locally.

Despite nabbing a lucrative corporate deal, Valiant has been at the receiving end of mounting criticism over his lyrical content, even though his songs are hugely popular.

Among the criticism levied against him are songs about witchcraft and songs about chopping.

With his latest statement we know that there will be no more songs about the dark arts.

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