The United States has praised law enforcement authorities in Guyana following the arrest of “a federal fugitive who fled the United States to seek shelter from justice in Guyana”. 

“The United States Embassy thanks the Government of Guyana, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Guyana Police Force for their commitment and determination in maintaining the rule of law and ensuring foreign fugitives do not seek or find refuge in Guyana to avoid prosecution,” an official statement read

The embassy gave no details regarding the identity of the person, but said that he was arrested last Friday during a joint effort involving Guyana and United States Diplomatic Security Service. 

According to Loop News the fugitive is wanted for criminal acts allegedly committed in the United States.

“Guyana Police Force Officers, in collaboration with Diplomatic Security Service, located the fugitive,” the US Embassy said, adding that “the fugitive was escorted back” 

Media reports quoting a “high ranking” police official saying that the person was wanted for sexually assaulting a child in the State of Colorado.

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