Trinidad and Tobago’s Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly is denying that there are any issues with the Ministry of Education’s online learning platforms.

However, there have been complaints from teachers and parents, that on day two of the new school term, the website suffered several crashes throughout the day, interrupting online teaching.

But in response to the claims about the ministry’s platform, Gadsby-Dolly said the ministry had not reported any crashes. She said the issue may lie on the user’s end.

“However, there have been the usual IT concerns which they continue to address—inability to log on, password changes etc. Some issues reside at the user’s end, so I cannot verify the crashes,” Gadsby-Dolly said.

On Monday, she said that 70 per cent of primary and secondary schools were carded to begin teaching. However, she could not say how many of that percentage had fulfilled their mandate.



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