Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Truth must not be a casualty in Calypso says Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister during a call to WEFM’s Issue At Hand program, while discussing this year’s upcoming Carnival festival spoke particularly of the content that has come from calypsonians in recent years, noting that some of it has not been accurately reflective of reality.

“We have a number of the calypsonians have decided that—I don’t know for what purpose, or the people that write for them, they decide that–they think that the only thing that which may give them a hearing but it is only a very small hearing in a corner. If they just insist on singing “there’s too much moderation in this nation corruption”, you hear that rhyme same year, over and over and over, nobody is going to pay to hear that,” Dr. Gonsalves said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves goes on to speak about important it is for calypsonians to be honest in the content that they produce.

“You get the distortions of the truth in some of these things because calypsonians also must sing the truth, truth must not be the casualty in calypso and you mustn’t surround the truth with a battalion of lies,” he said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said that Calypsonians’ content should have a balanced reflection, free of distortions of the truth.

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