If you want to die foolishly in gang warfare, at least let others benefit from your death by organ donation or life insurance payout, residents attending a police town meeting in East Port of Spain, Trinidad were advised by a senior police officer and one of their own neighbours.

Port of Spain Division Senior Superintendent Floris Hodge-Griffith, clearly fed up of the ongoing murder spate, related her despair at seeing morgues and mortuaries filled with dead young men.

According to the T&T NewsDay, she said blood was gushing from their bodies, even as people elsewhere scampered to pay bribes to buy blood for life-saving surgery.

Likewise the corpses of the deceased contained healthy organs that many patients would have been happy to received in an organ transplant.

“I tell the little fellows, sign a document to donate your organs,” she related of her tactic to try to shock errant youngsters into reality. She offered to supply a truckload of coffins, to get her message across.



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