The Traffic Department within the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force will be conducting its stop and search road safety campaign soon.

This is according to Station Sergeant of Police Parnel Browne who is third in Charge at the Traffic Department.

While speaking with WE FM News, Sargent Browne said the department will be placing teams in strategic areas, in order to ensure that persons are operating their motor vehicles, within the confines of the law.

He said that the department promises to enforce Tougher Restrictions on Motorists during the New Year, especially on mini bus operators.

“The Police will be coming very hard in 2020, to combat some of these offences like italic number plates. We’re seeing persons with all different size, all different number on their vehicles, on their registration plates…all different size letters. We’re seeing persons put additional lights to their motor vehicle. This is a sore point to motorists and to persons who are using the road and therefore the Traffic Department will be operating in the framework of the law, to combat these offenses,” Sargent Brown said,” during a interview with We FM News.

“We’re getting a lot of complaints from persons driving at nights that with these lights, they are unable to see where they are going,” added Sargent Browne.



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