The Traffic Department of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is on a drive to sensitize omnibus operators and conductors about the Traffic Laws and Regulations of this country.

Head of the Traffic Department Superintendent of Police (SOP) Kenneth John in an interview with the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department yesterday, spoke of some critical areas of the Traffic Regulations that people in the omnibus industry must be familiarized with.

This comes on the heels of a meeting that SOP John and members of the Traffic Department held with Anthony ‘Code Red’ Bacchus, President of the Omnibus Association and owners, drivers and conductors of omnibuses on January 19th, at Haddon Hotel, at McKies Hill.

According to SOP John, the Traffic Regulations state that no one should act as a conductor of a motor omnibus unless he or she is the holder of a permit authorizing for the said purpose.

He said the Traffic Regulations also state that if a passenger on an omnibus is found in excess of the number which the omnibus is licensed to carry, the conductor or in his absence the driver shall at the request of a police officer in uniform eject or cause to be ejected such excess passenger.



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