With St.Vincent and the Grenadines looking forward to new normal during and post COVID-19, the CEO of the Tourism Authority has discussed the implementation of COVID-19 protocols in the various areas of the Tourism Sector.

“We’ve looked at a lot of things for the diving industry, hotels, tour operators, taxis, tour guides.”

Mr. Beache made mention of a letter which he received from the Caribbean Public Health Agency CARPHA, which the Tourism CEO said will be included in the standards for the sector going forward. He went on to discuss the new standards.

“Our standards now will include segments to deal with Covid, and so all those things are being put in place, but all of what we do.

So the taskforce has come up with certain recommendations for all the industries I just spoke about and so we’re waiting to hear back from the Ministry of Health and the Environment in terms of what they think about this issue.”



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