Tuesday May 19th saw over $600,000 in grants disbursed to applicants of the Ministry of Finance’s program Promotion of Youth Microenterprises (PRYME). According to the Minister of Finance Hon. Camillo Gonsalves, individuals in the agriculture space are the largest group to benefit from the program so far.

‘So far we’ve seen some trends, the largest number of recipients of PRYME grants are in the agriculture space, and when I say agriculture I mean farming, agro-processing and the like, that’s the largest set and it is fitting because this is a country that continues to invest heavily in agriculture and the agricultural sector in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.’

The Minister went on to mention other sectors that had significant amounts PRYME applicants as well, such as; Catering, Beauty, Auto care, Construction and retail establishments.

The second batch of grants is expected to be granted in the next couple of weeks.



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